Friday, April 9, 2010

what i am....

~i am messy on the outside, but crave with a passion a clutter free mind, heart, soul, environment. i am working on it.

~i pick up people's energy easily but have learned to block it out and maintain my center with a fierceness and protectiveness like no other. this is also something i am working on consistently.

~i used to be terribly chaotic and intense, but have tried really hard to figure out what causes this, what prevents it, what things i absolutely have to do in order to maintain my equilibrium. sometimes this entails eliminating things, habits, behaviors, and yes even people from my life.

~i still feel like a kid. completely vulnerable, immature, still teetering and tottering around learning what works and what doesn't, still financially unstable (i hate this), still making mistakes, learning about responsibility and what i lack of it, etc etc.......

~i have a deep desire to stay true to who i am, and i will run away with a quickness from anything that goes against this flow.

~i'm still learning....about everything.

1 comment:

  1. love your openness, girl!
    thanks for sharing <3