Friday, January 8, 2010


(working on crocheting camera bags for those cameras that only come with wrist straps)

the first thought in my head as soon as i wake up is usually COFFEE. i am trying to train myself to think positive thoughts right when i wake up because usually (in most cases) i wake up stressed....sometimes it's because of the crazy dreams i am having, sometimes it's money issues, sometimes it's just 'what am i doing with my life' type of thing..... this isn't always the more recent months i do wake up at times instantly reassuring myself and thinking of something to get happy about that day....i do better when before i go to sleep i conjure up some creative project to work on...that way when i do awaken i have an agenda, and a purpose of some sort.

i believe in the power of having projects or goals (small or big) to accomplish or even just the process of working on them makes life pass by...and instead of the big picture of life you can ease your mind by taking it project by project, hour by hour, meal by get the point. i think it's so important to find everyday things/tasks to wrap your thoughts around. my extreme love of food makes me excited for lunch and dinner everyday, and what i might make or have...i especially have joy when i make something in the's such a fulfilling process....buying ingredients, chopping, adding to pot, smelling it ALL DAY while it's soothing, comforting, nourishing even before my body consumes it.
that is the way i feel about creating products to sell as doesn't matter that i don't keep the items or wear them....the act of creating nourishes my soul so very's in the process not the finished product.
as is the way of life right?

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