Wednesday, July 22, 2009

life living

as a kid i used to spazz....excess energy just had to come out and my body couldn't hardly contain it. emily, my next door neighbors daughter, does the same thing.

all day i have felt this energy vibrating through me. you know how you can sense a change brewing....something stirring....i'm sure it has a lot to do with my birthday coming up, but even still, its there.

perhaps it also has to do with going to the north carolina mountains this past weekend....there was a chill in the air come evening and it felt like fall...knowing seasons will be changing stirs this as well.

how do we sense these things? maybe some of us can't. maybe some of us are just more aware. some resist, some embrace it.

i think being almost 31 is a stepping stone. times goes by faster. priorioties shift and change. new ideas are formed. new desires....some you didn't even realize you had.

i'm looking forward to finding out more. the older you get the more a calmness comes over you. you are more brave. but in other ways more scared. instead of when you are younger and minutes go by so slow, now months fly by, even a year passes by in a blink. you look away and you miss out on experiences you could have had. there is no time for hesistation....

i remember being so scared of splash waterfalls when i was took hours to convince me to ride it, when i finally did it became one of my favorite rides at six flags, still is. this is usually the case with most things in life, with most people.

not anymore. life is a roller coaster park, and i intend on riding every ride.

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