Tuesday, June 30, 2009

life and death

yes yes yes to life.

though my dreams at night have been surrounded by death and death/dying themed for some reason, my daily life has been a resounding YES! perhaps it has something to do with creating more, working with colorful beads, the sun, eating more fresh raw veggies....either way, i need it.

so there has been lots of "celebrity" deaths this past week....why is everyone so shocked??? it happens to everyone. why not folks in the public eye? WHY is it such a shock?? it baffles me. i honestly don't get the disbelief some folks have. anyway. we move on from this life....where? i'm not sure...i am curious though to find out at some point, whether its sooner or later doesn't matter.

i am on a mission to learn how to play music. my soul SCREAMS for it. if i can't sing, i'll play. i'm pricing instruments right now. i have a keyboard, harmonica, guitar..but i am thinking banjo is right up my alley.

i'm off to create more and list clearance earrings in etsy shop

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  1. how about trying the mandolin? i dont know if they are hard to find/buy/rent but they sound so beautiful!