Saturday, May 23, 2009


I started keeping a visual journal/dream life of sorts about 10 years ago. I glued in pictures of things I loved....anything from places, to bedsheets, to colors, to craft projects, to outfits, to quotes, to anything at all that sparked some sort of inspiration inside of me. I've continued to do this throughout the years. It has enabled me to really hone in on what I love and what I'm drawn to. For those of us that have ever wandered through life feeling lost, purposeless, directionless, I think this is a perfect project for finding out what you value.......what stirs you. You might find yourself surprised....especially if you keep it up awhile. Every now and then I would go through this notebook and look at each picture. If it didn't stir anything in me anymore, i would take it out...or cover it up with something new. I began to see a i started incorporating what i could from these pictures into my life. i began using mason jars to drink out of and for vases, i planted sunflowers and zinnias, i painted my kitchen get the point. i tried to figure out what it was about each photo that i loved.....and then as a whole , i tried to understand what the theme was .....why i was drawn to each one and how they related.
anyway, my point is, is that in order to figure out what brings us joy, we have a 'things to do' list first. we owe it to ourselves to live a full, real, genuine, true-to-ourselves life.
simple pleasures. i can't even begin to put into words what an image of a lone tree does for me. It stirs my soul and sets me free! :)

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  1. i love this idea. i'm still getting to know myself!