Saturday, February 7, 2009

With strokes that ring clear and metallic, the hour
to touch me bends down on its way:
my senses are quivering. I feel I've the power--
and I seize on the pliable day.

Not a thing was complete till by me it was eyed,
every kind of becoming stood still.
Now my glances are ripe and there comes like a bride
to each of them just what it will.

There's nothing so small but I love it and choose
to paint it gold-groundly and great
and hold it most precious and know not whose soul it may liberate...

~Rainer Maria Rilke

I don't have many words today. Somehow this blog started messing up and after many attempts of trying to fix it I had to start over. Fortunately I only had a couple of entries, since it's brand new. A bit discouraged today...but nothing I won't pull through.

Some parting words....

"It is always my wish that you might find enough patience within yourself to endure, and enough innocence to have faith...Believe me, life is right in all cases." ~yet another Rainer Maria Rilke

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