Monday, June 17, 2013


I keep thinking about that phrase "use what you have" .....and anytime I think to myself or hear myself saying "I just need a better camera" or "if I had more supplies" or "if I lived at the beach I would be able to do this or that".........but honestly, as much as I crave the simple life and minimalism these days (these past two years) the idea of getting more stuff makes me cringe.  i WANT to have less to use.   i always do better when i have less groceries in the kitchen becomes easy, simple, less time consuming...this is ideal during these summer months when the only place i want to be is outside.  i yearn to only own what i can quickly throw together in a vehicle.  i love the idea of having to move around, hula hooping, dance parties, who knows what else.  SPACE.  space equals freedom...breathing room...more possibilities.  

the past month I've had a bad habit of putting things off.  for example, i don't like all my clothes being disorganized and it's really time to give away the clothes that don't fit since being vegetarian the past year...but I keep saying "i'll do it later"....or i'll put on a pair of shorts that are clearly too big now and i'll use a belt (i hate belts).  my point is that though it's a small issue, the fact that i'm not going through my clothes to give away is causing annoyances every single time i wear those shorts....and it's at least once a week (i don't own much clothing anymore and what i do own is very simple).  
when i go into the kitchen to make a meal i have too many choices if the kitchen is completely fully takes forever to decide...i leave and go back in several times before i make a decision finally (unless i'm really craving one particular thing).  it's absurd.  maybe it's just me and others don't have this issue, but i certainly do. 

the older i get the more simplicity i crave in my life...the more i want/need things to be easier when it comes to decision making....i want less stuff so i don't become disorganized.  i crave and love being tidy but when there is too much stuff around it becomes impossible for me to keep it straight.   I've given myself such a hard time for years about "you should learn to be more organized"....or "you are SO messy!".....instead of realizing that i just really prefer less belongings.  anyway,  more and more of my life has become "use what you have" ....or about finding the simple way.   i'm a simple kind of gal and i'm okay with that.  :) 

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