Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 things i can't resist...

Sunset through..., originally uploaded by Steffe.

there are some things that my body just can't seem to resist if you ask me if i want to partake in something.....

1. water - i can't get enough...i will always be happy to drink more

2. bbq chips - i mean seriously?...c'mon now.

3. tomatoes....or anything with tomato as the focal point....sandwich, bruschetta

4. BACON....who doesn't know that about me yet? i will snatch the last piece of bacon off of any plate.

5. if you have hidden valley ranch dressing and something to dip in it...i'm good. i will stay until it's gone.

so there is my info for the day. i've been busy working working working. how do i acquire SOOOOO many beads??? oh yeah, cause i can't seem to resist them either. obviously.

i'm headed to the dreaded post office, and to to the grocery store to get, yes you guessed it, bbq chips, bacon, tomatoes, and who cares about all the rest of the groceries. i even dreamed about buying bacon last night. what was i thinking not eating meat!?

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