Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 lessons....

closing up 2010...........what have i learned?.....

  • i still have TONS of patience to learn, even though i THOUGHT i was getting way better at this
  • there is always more growing up to do.........WAY more.
  • sometimes....just's best to let go of some "dreams" or ideas of what you think you should have by now........just move on from them, let them go, and maybe they will come around at a later can't force something
  • i am WAY happier with less stuff.  
  • life is so so so unbelievably's almost frightening how short life is.
  • i NEED desperately sunshine and warmth to be my best self, and to be really hopeful and happy.
  • oh, i discovered just how much i love cooking.......slow cooking especially.  major passion here.

sooooo many more things...this just touches on some of the major aspects of 2010.

i am looking forward to 2011....somewhat scary with some of the plans i have going on, but still hopeful of great change.    i sense freedom in a variety of ways for this coming year.

what have you learned this year?

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