Wednesday, November 11, 2009

looking back through old journals and notebooks i see how hopeful i was years ago. i believed that people were good, life worked out...if only you believed it would. i now know none of that is true. people aren't always good. they don't do the right things all the time. life isn't fair. bad things happen to everyone. experiences, even with good intentions, can bring pain...suffering...disappointment. so what do we do? how can we prevent this? we do nothing. we can't prevent it. we will suffer. we will be disappointed. we will let ourselves down, and others will let us down. we do it anyway. we live anyway. we love anyway. we risk anyway. we get up every day, make our coffee or tea, and we walk out that door facing adversity with every step we take. we keep a brave face most of the time. if we're good at it, we hide our insecurities, our deep rooted issues and anxieties, and we survive. why? because sometimes, almost always, love conquers hate. love conquers fear. hope outweighs doubt. hope is rooted in a part of us that no fear or anxiety can touch. hope is otherworldly. it is light, not dark. it is real. it radiates. it is contagious. it is necessary. it is what keeps us alive. hope.

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