Tuesday, September 8, 2009

it is what it is...

what we do with our time is everything; how we spend it....who we spend it with....what we choose to see when we look out into the world. do we see the litter on the ground? or the flower coming through the sidewalk crack? or are we one of the lucky ones that choose to see both, but focus on the flower anyway? one of my favorite sayings is "it is what it is".....this statement doesn't mean we can't change things, but for me it means exactly what it sounds like....it is what it is....i can accept it and then decide what to do from that moment on. i choose my reaction and my viewpoint. some people go through life thinking that it's supposed to be perfect, that we are meant to be happy all the time, that if we suffer we must not be doing something right. it's absurd. life isn't always fair, we don't always get what we want, things happen we have no control over......it is what it is.....it's deciding to experience joy when it presents itself that matters.....and if it isn't given to us we create it....although in most cases, it is handed to us but we just have to be more aware and appreciative when it shows up on our doorstep. take that joy and hold onto it cause the suffering will inevitably come....a mixture of both...that is a life.


  1. Did you just contradict yourself?! I can't wait to speak in person with you about this one NEXT WEEKEND! I LOVE YOUSILLYGOOSE!