Sunday, August 23, 2009

anticipating fall...

i woke up this morning with a clear sensation in my body that fall is approaching. i got overly excited....added pumpkin spice to my coffee grounds and pressed start. then i opened the windows and low and behold it's still summer in georgia. at least my body knows fall will arrive soon - even if it does just mean only opening the windows at night at first.
i feel the need to go out and buy loads of cinnamon candles, banana nut bread, french vanilla coffee, flannel shirts, funky fun colorful socks. though i am truly a summer, go barefoot, wear tank tops, bask in the warm sun kind of girl, i do LOVE the stirring of sensations you feel deep in your core when the seasons change. plus i am looking forward to roasting marshmallows at the firepit and enjoying the hot tub, feeling the brisk cool fall night air on my face. i am getting giddy just thinking of it.
on another note, i have been adding loads of new stuff to the Etsy Shop -

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